About Me

“Push yourself, because no one else is going to do it for you.”

Ms. Mapitseng Dorothy Botsi-Thulare is a world-class attorney currently practicing at Sim&Botsi Attorneys Inc. based in South Africa. She specializes in commercial law and corporate governance, the drafting of policies and procedures such as delegation of authorities, board charters, constitutions, shareholders agreements and provision of legal opinions and many others.

She is an associate of the US relocation services based in Miami where she consults and advises on the US immigration regulations. As an attorney, she also assists with all laws relating to corporate business visas, intra-company work visas and non-South African companies collaborating with non-South African solicitors globally.

Ms. Botsi-Thulare is also an exceedingly successful entrepreneur. She is the current Group Chief Executive Officer and Founder of the Botho Ubuntu Group which focuses on employing women from disadvantaged backgrounds.